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Mother-in-Law Suites Made Easy

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

As more and more families have begun to provide elder care to aging parents, host Airbnb retreats, or live in more traditional extended family units, mother-in-law suites have become popular… and for good reason! A mother-in-law suite, sometimes called mother-in-law quarters or a mini-apartment, is a separate unit made for an additional person to share your home but that has the added benefits of privacy and space boundaries. This means that though they can be located in a self-contained building on your property, such as in the backyard, they can also be in a basement, attic, or otherwise strategically located place affixed to your home. The easiest and most stylish way to maximize your space in a mother-in-law suite is with a Murphy bed from Wallbeds ‘n More in Rocklin.

Privacy Perks

One reason that mother-in-law units have become so sought-after over the years is their ability to provide proximity to both the extended family member occupying them while simultaneously granting privacy to you and your family in the main house. These suites typically provide a separate entrance and have their own kitchen and living room, making them actual second homes for your loved ones (or Airbnb guests)! Privacy and independence means a lot to people, especially aging parents who would like to maintain their autonomy as long as possible. Adding a gorgeous wall bed to the unit is a way to enhance its value and functionality at the same time.

In order to maximize space in a mother-in-law suite, we highly recommend choosing either a desk wall bed or table wall bed. These essentially function as two different pieces of furniture, morphing from an office desk or small table right to a bed! The table can be used as a dining area if the quarters do not have a separate dining room, or it can be used as a craft table, sewing table, or card table for hobbies and visits with friends.

If you’ll be hosting Airbnb travelers who frequent the area for work, a desk wall bed may be the best option. Pulling a bed from the wall without even having to clear the desk off, as you can do with some of our models, would leave quite an impression on your visitors! Bookshelves, drawers, lighting, electrical outlets, and cupboards can be added and customized depending on your needs and desires as well, and a wardrobe can even be built in when closet space is scarce.

Convenience, Comfort, and Class

Each horizontal Murphy bed in our collection can be customized, painted, or stained to match the decor inside the mother-in-law suite. Depending on the decorating scheme, you can choose a modern Murphy bed, a farmhouse style, or a sleek minimalist design among many others.

Wallbeds are also the ideal choice for combining utility and comfort. The best Murphy bed is one the occupant can simply pull down from the wall and replace all by themselves, which is why our beds have been carefully crafted to fold down and be put away with very minimal effort. No injuries from the heavy lifting of mattresses or frustration from having to ask someone else for help. Our mattresses can be selected separately depending on the softness preference of each customer, and most are available to fit either a queen or full Murphy bed.

We’re Here to Help!

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of furniture for a mother-in-law suite, be it a library wall bed, Murphy bed table, wallbed that folds into a chest, or a Murphy bed that you can come test out before buying, our outgoing and professional employees at Wallbeds ‘n More would be happy to show you around our extensive showroom, demonstrate how our beds function, and answer any questions you may have about making your mother-in-law quarters safe, beautiful, and full of all the amenities that truly make a house a home. Contact us at (916) 753-4966 or stop by our showroom today!


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