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Got a Space Problem? A Wallbed Just Might be the Solution!

If you have a problem trying to cram too much furniture into a small space, or if you feel like you never have quite enough storage, the friendly staff at Wallbeds ‘n More can help you find a solution with the best selection of wall beds Rocklin has to offer! We specialize in the common problems associated with small homes that need BIG changes!

Rooms Without Closets

Many people purchase a home or rent an apartment only to find that they have a room in the house without a closet. Not only does this disqualify the space from being counted as a “bedroom” when you go to sell the house, but it also presents limitations when trying to turn the area into a comfortable guest room, nursery, or office. For instance, if the room is primarily used as a playroom for the children but would really benefit from having a closet where guests could hang their clothes, our wall beds that include wardrobes would be an absolutely perfect solution to this problem. Wardrobe wallbeds can house clothes, personal belongings, or function as coat closets, but with the added benefit of allowing you to pull a bed from the wall anytime you need to!

Rooms Short on Storage

Sometimes it’s not closet space that’s the problem, but rather a need to have storage space in a room that can easily be concealed. For example, let’s say you have a home gym that also functions as a guest bedroom. When your guests come to stay, you certainly don’t want your exercise equipment and gym clothes all over the place.

We offer a wide variety of wallbeds that utilize drawers, shelves, and cabinets to store and conceal anything you’d like put away when company arrives. Shelves hidden behind cabinet doors can also house necessary guest items like clean sheets, towels, and extra blankets while keeping the room looking neat and tidy without a lot of clutter. A Murphy bed is the perfect solution to fit seamlessly and unobtrusively into this type of storage area. The very best Murphy bed is one that allows you to utilize the most space in your home, and with models like the library design you can showcase artwork or store a wide variety of books and objects while still maximizing the square footage of your room. Check out that model here to see how you can simply slide bookshelves to the side and pull the wall bed from the wall anytime you need to! A desk wall bed such as our Oxford model can also provide excellent storage and concealment of electronics such as a printer or wifi-router.

Rental Space Limitations

Renters sometimes realize that they can’t decorate quite the way they want to because they often aren’t allowed to nail or screw things to the walls. Our horizontal Murphy beds solve that problem easily with the ability to provide extensive shelving and custom lighting so that you can add decor, picture frames, plants, and other unique touches that make your space your own.

Come On In!

Wallbeds ‘n More is the best place in the Sacramento Area to find modern Murphy beds at competitive prices. If you’re looking for a murphy bed for sale, check out our showroom in Rocklin to learn more!

If you’re farther away, we are indeed able to sell you a wall bed over the phone, but we do highly recommend coming into the store if at all possible. This is so you can see the furniture in person, lie on the mattresses (mattress and bed sold separately so you can customize to your heart’s content), run your hand over the variety of finishes, and see exactly how easily they fold up and down from the wall.

Scheduling an appointment is extremely helpful for us, but you are also welcome to drop by and browse our selection of the best wallbeds in the Sacramento area. Call us today at (916) 753-4966 to get started. Can’t wait to see you soon!

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