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Yoga at Home

Your Fitness, Craft & Guest Room Whenever You Need It

Don't sacrifice an entire room for only a few uses a year. Have the space you need to be creative and healthy while still being able to entertain guest.

Create the space you need and want to take care of your mind, soul and body. Then, when needed, give that space to guest for a short time and then change it back to the space you need!

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Active Space to Guest Suite

Why lock up an entire room for a purpose only needed 1% of the time? Turn the room into space you want and need 99% of the time with a wall bed. Whether you want a dedicated space for your Peleton, your crafting, or your yoga mat, we have beds that fit almost any space so that you can have the room you need to live in and be happy, 99% of the time! Plus, you can configure any model however you want. Bookshelves, desks, wardrobes, USB chargers, built in lights and so much more can be added to any bed!

Euro Deluxe Hidden Bed
Mansfield Hidden Bed w/ Wardrobe
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Did You Catch That?

With some of our models you can leave your materials on your desk WHILE you fold the bed down! When your guest leave, close your bed and everything is as it was!

Highest of Quality

Your bed is built when you order it. Our manufacturing partners are known for their quality materials and building practices. You will enjoy your bed for years and if you move, you can take it with you!
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Limitless Options & Finishes

Options & Configurations You Can Choose!

Every bed can be customized and modified to fit your exact need with these options:

  • Hardware Finishes

  • Bookcases

  • Desks

  • Wardrobes

  • Shelves

  • Cabinets Chests

  • USB Outlets

  • Built-in Lights

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Glen Ellyn Hidden Bed
Euro Table Hidden Bed

Yoga/Workout/Craft Room to Guest Suite

These models are perfect for individuals or families who need a space to be active for their health or for their mind but also need a room for guests to stay and sleep. Our beds allow for one room to function truly as you need it to based on your needs in the moment! You can expand the square footage of your home by having one of our beds turn one room into two, three or four different rooms when you need it.

Our Beds
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