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Four Ways Wallbeds Can Change Your Home… and Your Life!

At our expansive showroom at Wallbeds ‘n More in Rocklin, California we have a wide variety of all kinds of modern wallbed designs. But wallbeds, also well-known as Murphy beds or often described simply as a “bed from the wall” were actually in use in the late 1800’s when people discovered the convenience and space-saving benefits of built-in furniture.

William Murphy, the man who popularized a new design for a bed that folds into the wall in the 1900’s, was so successful with his particular model that the unique piece of furniture soon became synonymous with his name.

Over the years, the bed Murphy named has obviously come a long way from the standard, cookie-cutter model to the comfortable and stylish pieces of furniture they are today. While they may have gotten many upgrades over the past century, the basic qualities that make them popular haven’t changed a bit. Here are four ways buying a wallbed can change your home, and your life, for the better.

1.) Valuable Versatility

Wallbeds are especially coveted pieces of furniture for prospective homeowners since they save space and allow people to feel they are getting multiple rooms for the price of one. If you’re selling a two bedroom house for example, a desk wallbed can help advertise that second room as a bedroom/office combination, a horizontal Murphy bed can be a home gym that converts to a guest suite, and a Murphy bed table can be a playroom that transforms into a bedroom for the kids.

If you ever decide to sell your home, you could elect to leave your wallbed and encourage your real estate agent to advertise it as a desirable feature. Oftentimes custom furniture will help your house stand out from the rest and even get you more money from intrigued buyers. On the other hand, if you love your wall bed so much that you couldn’t bear to part with it, our selection of the best wallbeds in the Sacramento area are all able to be easily detached from the wall and relocated with you to your new residence, a benefit that unfortunately most built-in furniture does not come with.

2.) Space Saving Saviors

The amount of convenience that a Murphy bed will afford you is not to be underestimated. With the new trend of tiny homes on the rise and many people choosing to rent apartments or condominiums instead of buying a house, wallbeds are more popular pieces of furniture than they’ve ever been before. If the pandemic taught us anything about our homes, it’s that we should invest time, money, and energy into making the most of our space because home is one of the places we spend the largest part of our lives.

Having a room that can serve functionally as a bedroom but can also become a homeschool classroom, yoga studio, or home office is not only appealing (our library model looks fantastic in the background of Zoom calls!), but is easier than you think.

3.) Cozy Comfort

When guests come to stay for the weekend or you shuffle off to the other room to sleep when you’re down with the flu, the last place you want to be is lying on a hard couch or a leaky air mattress.

Our selection of wallbeds do not come with mediocre mattresses, but rather fit a variety of mattresses so you can choose the one that is comfiest to you! Most of our models can accommodate either a full or queen sized mattress. Not only that, but the ergonomic design of the Murphy bed itself allows for safe and easy fold out and fold up without the need to lift heavy mattresses and risk injury. Take a look at the video on our site to see just how simple our beds are for one person to fold down!

4.) Custom Builds and Designs

At Wallbeds ‘n More we offer guests a personalized experience so that each bed is custom-built to their preferences. We can talk with you about your vision for your space and add a desk, table, shelves, cabinets, electrical outlets, lighting, and even custom hardware to complement a modern, rustic, traditional, or even farmhouse style. Finally, with the option to build directly to your size specifications, there is no need to worry that your new piece of furniture won’t fit perfectly against the wall of your choosing!

Come On In!

If you’re intrigued by all the amazing features that a built-in Murphy bed offers, we encourage you to check out the wide variety of models, sizes, and finishes online on our Wallbeds ‘n More website.

Then, the real fun begins when you head into our showroom to explore the beds in person since the best Murphy bed is the one you customize yourself! You’re welcome to come by anytime during our normal business hours, but if you make an appointment ahead of time, one of our sales associates will show you around, demonstrate how the beds work, and show you all kinds of customizations that will make your wallbed unique.

We look forward to making sure you have a positive experience and get all you’ve ever wanted out of your new piece of furniture!

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