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The Full Experience of Buying One of Our Wallbeds - Part 1

Follow the experience of Justine of as she bought a wallbed from us and see first hand how it transformed her guest room into a multifunctional home office, homeschool room, and guest suite. Here is her experience as written by her on her blog:

The journey to any successful room remodel starts with considering what you need. What will you be using the space for? What special considerations should you keep in mind? Do you need the remodeled space to be multifunctional? It might seem overwhelming at first to narrow in on your vision and goal for your room, but once you do you're on your way to having a beautiful and functional space that is meeting its full potential! Today we'll take a closer look at choosing the right wallbed.

What to Consider when Choosing the Right Wallbed

A couple of years ago our family was in the planning stages of an office remodel. Early on in the process we knew we needed a room that could serve many functions. We needed an office for the adults, as well as a homeschool room for the kids. Four school-aged kids to be exact--all at different grade levels. Lastly, we also needed a space that could be used as a guest room. That's a lot to ask from roughly 150 square feet of space!

As you can see, the challenge of the space would be furniture. How could we arrange all the furniture that we needed for each of these specific functions? From early on we knew we wanted to get a wallbed for the room because it seemed like the answer to all these problems. That led to a lot of research on different manufacturers and distributors. We knew we had found a quality distributor when we came across Wallbeds n More conveniently located nearby in Rocklin.

Wallbeds "n" More in Rocklin, California

A visit to the Wallbeds "n" More showroom at 4415 Granite Drive in Rocklin, California can seem a little overwhelming at first. There is a wallbed option there to fit any need. Not only a style to fit any function, but also a style to fit any decor! Do you want a desk style? A bookshelf with integrated wallbed? A white painted finish, classic wood, or a more modern gray wash?

Luckily, Laurie, Aaron or Nancy will be with you every step of the way. They can help evaluate your needs and will give you their honest opinion on the quality of the manufacturers. They are also more than happy to help with all the finishing options like stain and hardware.

Our Experience

One year later and we still are in love with the wallbed that we chose. Not only does it provide a ton of storage that we were desperately lacking, but it also puts the guest mattress on a wood slate base rather than solid wood. All of our guests that have slept on it have told us how comfortable it is! One of the best parts about modern-day Murphy beds is that you can use any mattress (under a certain height) that you want so it's as comfortable as any other bed in your home. Choosing the right wallbed has made our office a beautiful, multi-functional space that will be put to good use for years to come!

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