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Guest Room or Home Gym...Why Not Both?

One surprisingly bright spot during the COVID-19 pandemic was that more people than ever discovered the benefits of working out at home. With gyms closed and extra time on their hands, many took charge of their health and started challenging their bodies and minds with entirely new fitness routines. Some started lifting weights or streaming exercise classes online, others began practicing meditation and yoga, and still others discovered the exciting world CrossFit. But the transition of moving workouts from the gym to the home, introduced entirely new obstacles. Where would the new exercise bike go exactly? Would furniture need to be moved each time the online Zumba class was streamed? One couldn’t very well replace the home office with a gym since working from home had become more commonplace, and plopping exercise equipment in the living room to sweatily power through a Peloton workout while the kids were engrossed in distance learning at the kitchen table hardly felt appropriate. So what space did that leave? The guest room of course.

Luckily, converting guest suites to home gyms has never been easier with the addition of what is called a Murphy bed, wall bed, or horizontal Murphy bed furniture system. Picture establishing your ideal exercise space. A home gym could include anything from an exercise bike or treadmill to a yoga mat, free weights, or a full rowing machine. Start by making a list of the essentials needed for your perfect home gym and then look around at the room to evaluate the leftover space. What else is needed? A table to hold a TV or laptop for virtual exercise classes? Shelves or cupboards to conceal equipment for later use? We offer not just one murphy bed for sale that could easily meet these needs, but a whole showroom of them! Need electrical outlets built in? No problem! Want to pull a bed from the wall and have storage space for not only your yoga mat, but also guest amenities like extra blankets and pillows? Not an issue! At Wallbeds ‘n More we can help you find and customize the best wall bed to meet your specific needs and simultaneously match your interior design taste. Each style of modern Murphy bed in our warehouse can be tailored to fit the size of your space. The Florence for instance is available in a queen or full murphy bed, but the rest can be fully tailored to fit your room’s measurements and your personal preferences. The model shown on our website for instance has open shelving, built-in electrical outlets, and several drawers, but you could add a wardrobe to store your gym clothes or guests’ belongings, or choose custom lighting to create ambiance in the room. The fact that the bed is lightweight and easy to fold into the wall makes it ideal for quick clean-up when you need the guest room to rapidly transform into a large open space for your workout. Our mattresses are sold separately from the furniture itself which means you can customize your mattress preference as well.

The best murphy bed for you might not be ideal for someone else’s home, which is why we always recommend stopping by for an in-person tour of our showroom. While there you can chat with our professionals about exactly what you’re looking for and can explore a wide variety of models up close and personal. Feel different finishes, admire different hardware, and delight in the wide variety of different options available to you. At Wallbeds ‘n More in Rocklin, we’re open Monday - Saturday from 10am to 3pm and are available to answer any questions you have at (916) 753-4966. Stop by soon, so we can help you start making the most of your space!


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