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Space Saving Solutions for Compact Living Areas

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

When you need to increase the functionality of a small living space, but aren’t looking to expand your home’s actual footprint, Wallbeds N More in Rocklin is the only wall bed company that has the space saving solutions you need! Whether you’re residing in a studio apartment or a tiny home, we’ve got you covered with traditional wall beds, cube beds, and even beds that transform into tables! Our showroom selection offers dozens of options, fully customizable for your space and style. Now doubling the size of your room by pulling a bed from the wall is a piece of cake!

Chest Beds

Living in a tiny home or compact apartment space can help you simplify your life, but also comes with the challenges of maximizing both storage and living space. Chest beds are the optimum solution for making a small space seem larger than it is and giving you plenty of room to both sleep comfortably and enjoy other activities in the same room.

A chest bed is exactly what it sounds like. A piece of furniture that looks like a decorative chest or accent table and seamlessly transforms into a bed. You can get them made in classic, modern, or rustic finishes to complement the interior design of your home. Chest beds mean you don’t have to give up an entire room in your home just to have a spare bed. You can have a home office during the day and a bedroom at night, a dining room table for meals and a bedroom for a movie marathon, or a yoga studio on weekdays and a guest room on the weekends!

All of our chest beds are simple both to pull out and put away, store the mattress right inside, and can easily be maneuvered by one person. We also offer features such as power outlets built into the side of the chest bed so that you can put it up against any wall and not worry about blocking the outlet. Whether you’re using it as an accent table for a lamp or holiday display or plugging in your phone to charge while you sleep, you never have to worry about ease of connectivity.

Table Beds

The Barrington Horizontal murphy bed is the perfect addition when you need your tiny space to be both exceptionally functional and comfortable. This wall bed comes in a queen size and has a built-in table that extends from the bottom of the bed when not in use. With it’s sleek design and easy to maneuver components, it’s the perfect piece of furniture to quickly transform a bedroom into a sewing room, crafting room, office, or study area.

The Barrington also has optional add-on features to meet your room’s specific needs. Add bookshelves, drawers, lighting fixtures, and more. All pieces can be purchased separately to ensure the perfect fit against whichever wall in your home you choose. This murphy bed table combination also comes in a wide variety of finishes with customizable hardware as well.

In the past, many people have found this model excellent for studio apartments as the table can be used as a dining room before transforming into a bedroom. Kids and teens also love the pull-down table feature for writing, crafting projects, or a perfect play space for puzzles, Legos, and games. It even makes homework a little more appealing because they get to use their desk wall bed that pulls out of the furniture like a secret compartment!

A Personalized Experience

When you’re looking for a Murphy bed for sale, you can absolutely order one by browsing our website and ordering over the phone. However...what we really love is taking customers around our showroom and giving them a personalized buying experience to find the very best wall bed for them!

Furniture is a long-term purchase, and buying it should be stress-free and fun. By coming into the showroom, you can compare models side-by-side, look at our variety of wood finishes, and even bring a carpet square or flooring sample to make sure your new wall bed will look stylish in your space. We’re open Monday - Saturday from 10am to 3pm and are available to answer any questions you have at (916) 753-4966. We can’t wait to help you find your perfect space saving solution at Rocklin Wallbeds n More!


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