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Homeschool Comfortably with Limited Space

Homeschooling your children is a big decision and one that is right for many families, but when you have a small home with limited space it’s difficult to make it work comfortably and efficiently for all involved - especially if you have children of multiple ages.

At Wallbeds n’ More in Rocklin, California we are experts in helping households create the perfect room for homeschooled children to learn and grow with the convenience of a classroom and bedroom combined. Follow these four tried and true tips to make your homeschool space functional, creative, and inspiring for both teacher and students!

1. Choose a Murphy Bed Desk Combo

Our most popular style of wall bed for homeschool families is the murphy bed with desk. Any of our wallbeds with a desk can be customized in many forms including one with an L-shaped desk that sits perpendicular to the regular bed frame, or a pulldown desk that folds right down from the bottom of the murphy bed itself.

Decisions, Decisions

What you need to decide is if you want to be able to leave the desk where it is once the bed is pulled down or if you’d prefer that is put away out of sight during sleeping hours. If you choose one of the perpendicular murphy bed desks, you will notice that the desk itself stays put and the wallbed mattress can fold down seamlessly from the wall without having to move the desk at all.

If you choose one of the fold down desktop wall beds then the desk itself hides underneath the bed frame when the bed is in use. Like the L-shaped desk add-on, this option also does not require the desk surface to be cleared. Either way a murphy bed desk creates a beautiful and spacious workspace for homeschool families!

To Sit Across or To Sit Next To… That is the Question

If you would prefer to sit across from your child while homeschooling, we recommend the wall bed with the L-shaped desk, but if you would be more comfortable sitting next to him or her, the pulldown desk would be a better fit. No matter which you choose, the desktop itself will be spacious and comfortable for laying out materials and keeping things organized where they need to be. Check out the desk combo options here!

2. Choose Organizational Features Strategically

When browsing the options of wallbeds with a desk for homeschooling your children, it’s a great idea to think about the type of storage that you will need. Luckily our murphy bed desk combos at Wallbeds n’ More have the capacity to be outfitted with as much storage as you need, so there’s no need to choose between storage for school supplies and personal items if your child is using the space as both a homeschool classroom and a bedroom or playroom.

Drawers and Cabinets

Some of the most popular additions are drawers mounted alongside the murphy bed desk unit so that you can neatly organize supplies and materials such as paper, craft supplies, pencils, scissors, and glue. We also highly recommend choosing a cabinet storage system for one or both sides of your wallbed desk so that you can conceal items you would prefer to have out of sight like a printer, Wi-fi router, or unsightly cords.

For personal bedroom storage, you can also include more drawers and even a wardrobe or armoire to function as a closet space for clothes and shoes.

3. Add on a Bookshelf for Convenience and Style

By adding bookshelves to your multi-purpose furniture unit, you not only enhance the convenience of being able to keep both textbooks and independent reading books handy for your child, but you also add an element of style to the room.

Bookshelves can be used to store books of course, but are also excellent at storing awards, trophies, knickknacks, photos, and other special items that will inspire your student and make the room feel comfortable and personalized. Inspiration also leads to greater learning achievement because it tends to motivate kids and make them feel safe and comfortable in their space.

4. Customize with Extra Features for Convenience

At Wallbeds n’ More in Rocklin we not only offer storage space and wallbeds with desks, but we can also provide special accent lighting and electrical ports for USB cables. This makes it simple to homeschool because all of your technology can be plugged right into your wallbed unit and you don’t have to worry about access!

By including lighting in the unit itself, you also can encourage independent work and reading with a soft ambient glow.

Let Us Give You a Great Experience

We want the process of homeschooling to go smoothly for adults and children alike and look forward to welcoming the whole family into our showroom to help you choose the wall bed with desk that’s right for you.

You can schedule an appointment at (916) 753-4966 or stop by during store hours to meet with one of our friendly sales associates. They will show you all of the wall beds with desk options and help you choose color, style, hardware, and all the customizations you and your student could ever want.

We want to help you make homeschooling a breeze and build a classroom and bedroom combination that works even in the smallest of spaces!

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