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What’s Best for Your Space: Murphy Bed Cabinet or Wall Bed

At Wallbeds ‘n More in Rocklin, we know that a new piece of furniture is a big investment. The planning, cost, budgeting, and careful consideration of style and usable space make choosing and purchasing your new piece of furniture a complicated process. We are here to help you select the exact hidden bed style that will seamlessly fit your requirements and style. In this article, we discuss the Murphy bed cabinet and how it compares to a wall bed.

At Wallbeds ‘n More we want to make your experience both easy and enjoyable throughout the whole process. Exploring our website will expose you to a large variety of different Murphy beds including traditional folding wallbeds, Murphy beds with desks, wall beds with entire wardrobe closets or cabinets, and more! We can even install custom lighting, USB ports, and electrical outlets. Each one of our custom-built, locally crafted pieces of furniture is available in different woods, finishes, and colors.

The amount of choices, though wonderful, can sometimes be overwhelming for customers; this is especially true for first-time buyers. One of the first decisions that would be helpful for you to make is if you’d prefer a traditional fold down wall bed or a freestanding chest or cube Murphy bed that collapses into itself.

Each has their benefits, and your choice will depend on a few factors:

  • The layout of the room you want to furnish

  • What dual purposes the room will be utilized for

  • Whether you want this piece of furniture to remain stationary (bolted to the wall) or freestanding (ability to move to another location)

Multi-Functional Wall Beds

Adding a traditional pulldown wall bed to your own bedroom or to a guest room can be a great idea if you would like to have more features than just the bed itself. Our traditional Murphy beds come in Twin, XL Twin, Full, or Queen sizes and can be customized to have a myriad of additional features.

Perhaps you’d like a wardrobe to be added along with nightstand tables to a guest room that doesn’t already have a closet. Or maybe you’d prefer your hidden bed to feature bookshelves and a desk to create a private home office within the comfort of your own bedroom! If that’s the case, a traditional wall bed like our Rochester wallbed (optional desk) or Library model (bookcase) would be ideal.

Hidden Beds in Chests

If you are looking for a way to simply add space for one or two guests who might sleep over (such as your in-laws or friends), then a chest or cube hidden bed might be all you need. We even offer cube beds with Queen sized mattresses!

The compact, freestanding design makes it ideal to put in a living room, furnished basement, or home gym. Without the ability to add features like cabinets, desks, or drawers, this small, more compact furniture unit is a simple and functional addition to nearly any space in your home.

No Hassle Hide-a-Bed

If you are concerned about ease of use, both the traditional Murphy beds that fold from the wall and the chest beds are easily opened and closed by one person. They are safe, convenient, and don’t require heavy lifting or much strength to transform.

Many people think of a Murphy bed as a solution for a small studio apartment that doesn’t have a separate bedroom or for a one-room home that needs to maximize the functionality of that single bedroom. While those are both excellent uses, wall beds and chest beds are both great solutions to create more usable space in any size of home!

Making a Selection

Visiting our showroom is an excellent way to see all the differences between a chest bed and a traditional fold-down Murphy bed up close and personal. Stop by during our business hours or give us a call at (916) 753-4966 to schedule an appointment.

You can see how the beds function for yourself and take a look at the different styles to decide which one meets your needs and preferences. We look forward to helping you maximize your space and the enjoyment you find in your home with a new bed from Wallbeds ‘n More in Rocklin!


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