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Tips to Sleep Comfortably With a Hidden Wall Bed while Traveling

“Are murphy beds comfortable?” might be one of the first things you’re wondering when you are traveling to someone’s house with a guest bed. At Wallbeds n’ More Rocklin we are happy to let you know that our wall beds are exceedingly comfortable. Not only is each one crafted locally from the finest materials, but they are also able to accommodate a standard size mattress of your choice for plush, cushiony sleep on vacation and always.

If you are going to be hosting guests for the holidays or traveling yourself, consider a hidden wall bed from Wallbeds n’ More to help everyone sleep well while on vacation.

Choose the Right Size Murphy Bed

We offer a variety of wall bed sizes including twin wallbeds, XL twin (which are longer than a standard twin mattress), full, and queen size murphy beds. This way, no matter how big or small your space, you will have the ability to fit a beautiful and functional wall bed furniture system to accommodate your guests.

When weary travelers arrive, they will be delighted to find a high-quality bed to provide them with a restful night sleep, and there is nothing quite so wonderful as a quiet, soft bedroom to stay in after a long journey.

Provide Storage Options for Visitors

A clean room and organized space allows people to truly relax and sleep better while they are away from home. By providing your guests with some of the following customizations in your hidden wall bed, you allow them to soak in the tranquility of a clutter-free, neat space and store their belongings while they rest.

Speak with one of our interior designers about custom wall bed features such as:

  • A wardrobe / armoire to add closet space for hanging clothes

  • A large size cabinet to accommodate an iron and ironing board

  • Nightstands to place a book or glass of water upon

  • A desk to get some work done while they are away from home

  • Bookcases to hold an array of reading material

  • Shelves to showcase decor items, making the room feel peaceful and cozy

  • Built-in lighting for reading to settle the mind

  • USB ports to provide guests a place to plug in their phone or smart watch while they sleep.

Make a Hidden Wall Bed Space Feel Like Home Sweet Home for Travelers

When exhausted travelers arrive, it’s important for their mental and physical well-being that they get a good night's sleep. By adding a few small touches to their guest room you can make all the difference in making them feel welcome and comfortable. Consider adding some of the following to your guest suite so that visitors have everything they need for an extra restful slumber:

  • A box of tissues

  • An extra phone charging cord

  • A pen and notepad

  • An iron and ironing board

  • Soft accent lighting for reading

  • A small welcome basket with snacks and bottles of water

Style and Function Combined at Wallbeds “n” More in Rocklin

At Wallbeds n’ More, we know that you are looking for comfort and style combined. Our design experts have all the resources to help you select the custom features for your hidden wall bed to help guests sleep well while traveling. Ask us about luxurious bedding and pillows to match!

Call Today for a Showroom Appointment or Stop By

Simply make an appointment and come into our showroom in Rocklin, California today to see how we can help you dream up and then create the perfect wall bed for even a very small space in your home. Whether you choose a wall bed with desk, a murphy bed with cabinets, or a hidden wall bed with a fold down table, we have everything needed to make your interior design dreams come true.

Give us a call at (916) 753-4966 to make an appointment at the showroom. Our showroom hours are Monday - Saturday from 10am - 3pm. You can even stop by the showroom without an appointment, though we do recommend calling ahead if possible to make sure one of our friendly sales associates is available to give you the one-on-one time and attention you deserve.

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