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Five Uses for Wallbeds with Desks

When you consider purchasing a wallbed that transforms into a desk and back again, you likely think about using it as a guest suite and home office combined. While a home office is a popular room to turn into a multi functional guest suite for when company comes to visit, wallbeds with desk styles can be used for so much more than just an office workspace!

At Wallbeds ‘n More in Rocklin, we specialize in helping you dream big to maximize your space and add to the functionality of your home. Our wallbeds are not only practical, but beautiful. We use local suppliers and craftsmen to build the highest quality Murphy beds on the market today.

Here are five ways to make the most of your wallbed with a desk!

1. A Spot for Homework

Studies have shown that students who have a set place to do their homework have greater success at getting it done, and on average they report higher grades in school. Having a special desk of their own to complete their assignments each afternoon is paramount in helping them to focus on the task at hand. A wallbed with a desk is the perfect way to give kids and teenagers a quiet spot away from the dining room table, television, siblings, or any other distractions in the household.

The wallbed desk combination can be the ideal spot for them to set up their laptop, lay out their books, and have all supplies ready to go so that they can get started right away with no excuses. Many of our wall bed desk styles come with drawers just like a traditional desk so that they can store needed materials and school supplies conveniently. Because these furniture pieces also have shelves with optional cupboard doors, they can choose to hide computer towers, printers, supplies, cords, or other unsightly items that make the room look cluttered. When the room is needed for a guest suite, those items are out of sight.

2. A Play Space

Children would also benefit from a Murphy bed and desk combination for a space to have fun, in addition to an area for their homework. A desk wall bed provides the perfect spot for toddlers and young children to set up projects like finger painting, crafts, beadwork, Play-Doh, or action figures. It’s an easy and fun way to add an accessible play space to a child’s bedroom.

When your little one has a friend over, the desk can be the perfect place to sit and host a tea party, play video games with a monitor set on top, or even host a movie night with a television that rests on the desk. With our delivery and installation service, we ensure that your wallbed is fastened to the wall securely with 3 or 4 studs so you can sit back and enjoy peace of mind.

When playtime is over, the room can transform, with the bed pulling down for slumber parties or nap time. Having a Murphy bed / desk combination in a child’s room is also a great way to work on motor skills by giving them a place to practice handwriting, drawing, and other developmental activities.

3. A Sewing Room

A Murphy bed with a built-in desk also allows for a special place for a sewing table. If you want your guest room to double as a sewing station, the desks with our Murphy beds is a perfectly sized spot for a sewing machine. There are plenty of cupboards and drawers with space to conceal roles of material, supplies for quilting, and other needed items that can be organized and stored out of sight.

Because the desk so conveniently folds down without having to remove the items on top, it’s a great place for heavy items like sewing machines that may not get used on a daily basis, but that you still want to have easily accessible. It would be extra special to have a handmade quilt hanging on the wall behind the wallbed or used as a coverlet for when guests come to visit!

4. A Craft Area

Yet another idea for a wall bed with a desk is a crafting area. Because the wall bed units can come equipped with lighting fixtures, USB ports, and power outlets, they make excellent workstations for all kinds of crafting equipment and machinery. Whether you have a cricket machine, are into scrapbooking, or like to do models or holiday crafts, many of our wallbeds with desk combinations come with built-in wardrobes or cupboards for storing all kinds of crafting items.

Many people would love to have a spot devoted to crafting in their home, but don’t want to give up the guest room space. At Wallbeds ‘n More we help you choose multi-functional furniture so that you don’t have to pick between them!

5. A Computer Station

A computer workstation for the whole family is another great way to maximize the space in your home with a Murphy bed desk. If you have an alcove in a large living room for example, and you want the computer to be in a public space so that you can supervise young children while they are on it, you can choose one of our Murphy beds that resembles bookshelves with a desk attached. This is a wonderful choice because it looks very much like living room furniture for everyday use, but transforms magically into a bed when visitors come from out of town.

We can also add glass cupboard doors to the front of shelving, add accent lighting for artwork, and you can choose the finish and wood style to match the other furniture in your living space.

Take a Look Today!

Visit our Home Offices page to view our variety of Wallbeds with built-in desks! You can view each style that we carry at our Rocklin location directly from our website and when you're ready to order, or if you have any questions, give us a call. If you would rather come into the showroom, you can make an appointment with one of our wonderful associates who can show you around, demonstrate how the wall beds pull from the wall and easily go back again. You can test out the showroom wallbeds and even choose the perfect mattress at our store.

You can either make an appointment by calling (916) 753-4966 or stop by during open hours Monday through Saturday from 10am to 3pm. There are so many ways a wallbed with a desk can improve the functionality and aesthetics of your home, and we look forward to helping you choose the one that best suits your needs!

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