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Sleepover Solutions!

You’ve probably heard of a “She Shed” or a “Man Cave,” but have you ever thought of turning your extra space into a “Slumber Party Pad?” Just think...a place your kids and teens could call their own, separate from your living space. A place to play video games, eat pizza, do crafts, watch movies, and have super special sleepovers without bothering the adults in the house!

This may seem like an unattainable dream given most “extra” spaces that could be converted to such unique spaces are fairly small such as a backyard shed, basement, or attic. However, this is precisely where a Murphy bed from Wallbeds ‘n More in Rocklin comes in… creating seamless, space-saving, sleepover solutions that are sure to delight kids and make slumber parties a breeze for parents!

Secret Space-Savers

Kids love secrets… whether they be secret compartments for toys, secret hideouts for secret clubs, or a secret passageway revealed by the hero of their favorite mystery movie. What better way to delight friends at a sleepover and make your own kids feel extra-special than giving them the magic ability to pull a bed from the wall!?

The best Murphy bed is one that kids can pull down and fold up safely on their own. This ease of use is exactly what our custom furniture designers at Wallbeds ‘n More had in mind when creating each horizontal Murphy bed in our collection. Unlike traditional Hide-a-Beds featuring heavy metal frames and bulky mattresses, our wallbeds require very little effort or strength to unfold and put away. Check out this short video on our website showcasing how quickly and easily this furniture can transform into a queen or full Murphy bed!

Eat, Play, Sleep!

If you’re looking for a truly unique and functional bed, Murphy beds are the ideal choice for combining utility and comfort. A desk wall bed or table wall bed is the perfect sleepover solution for kids who love to play board games, make snacks, create artwork, or do crafting projects together. Our queen Barrington Table Bed for instance offers a fantastic play space with plenty of drawer and shelf storage for games, toys, crafting supplies, books, and more. With a wall bed in a special space of their own, kids can store all of their favorite things for entertaining friends and easily pull down the bed when it’s time to watch a movie or go to sleep. This particular model comes with a myriad of customizable options such as different finishes, lighting options, drawers, bookshelves, and even a wardrobe! Say goodbye to messy living rooms and noisy houses with this convenient separate space for hangouts and pajama parties!

If you have teenagers who love playing video games, working out, or studying together, this sleepover space can also double as gaming central, a home gym, or an after-school hangout giving teens their own space, and along with it, a small taste of independence.

Let us Help

If you’re looking for a Murphy bed for sale near you, our experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly employees at Wallbeds ‘n More would love to give you a personal tour of our showroom, demonstrate how our beds work, and introduce you to the wide variety of custom options that will make your wallbed unique. We can’t wait to help you create the perfect Slumber Party Pad around for your kids, and take back peace and quiet in your home!


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