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Fall for Fall with Crisp and Cozy Decor Tips!

At Wallbeds ‘n More in Rocklin, we love the fall season perhaps more than any other. We’re looking forward to pumpkin pies, changing leaves, and that crisp chill of autumn in the morning air. Furniture is our specialty and we have all the tips and tricks to make your wallbed furniture the centerpiece of a comfortable and trendy space that your guests will “fall” for all season long!

Add Warm Colors and Cozy Fabrics!

Because a modern Murphy bed can transform from a library, desk, or table to a guest room in the blink of an eye, it’s easy to blend the comforts of fall into the room while keeping things tidy when not using the bed. By adding some toasty flannel sheets to our full, king, or queen size mattresses, you immediately “up” the cozy factor, creating a delightful bed that folds down from the wall that’s not only functional but welcoming. Each bed frame is easy to take down and return to the wall as well, avoiding back injuries that come with heavy hide-a-bed couches.

Selecting pillows in warm hues and a variety of fabrics will also help to create a seamless transition between sleek office and welcoming bedroom. Choosing some natural colors blended with pops of bright fabric will add appeal while different textures will heighten interest. Make sure to throw in a few deep reds that can be reused for the winter holiday season once the pumpkins are put away and the candy canes come out.

Pick the Perfect Rug

A rug is central to the decor of any room, but especially one with a fold-down modern Murphy bed. This is because the rug does the important job of pulling all of the pieces of the room together and centering the furniture at a particular focal point.

The size of the rug will need to be decided upon based on how much you’d like it to show once the Murphy bed is pulled down. Do you want guests to see the beautiful pattern even when the bed is in use, or would you rather have just enough carpet peeking out for guests to comfortably put their feet? The choice is up to you. Regardless, choose something in a natural color that is versatile enough to last all year round and that ideally, is machine washable to keep your space neat and tidy.

Appeal to Every Sense

Part of what makes a home so inviting are the little things that come together to create ambiance. A good decorator knows this means appealing to all the senses. When company is coming to enjoy your guest room, any one of our many high quality Murphy beds will offer space saving, luxurious comfort, making them feel pampered, especially with the addition of those flannel sheets and soft carpets! Using a wallbed model with shelving such as the Hiddenbed with Hutch model or the Fallbrook will also give you room to decorate with interesting art pieces or a scented candle or diffuser for a fresh smelling space. At Wallbeds n More in Rocklin we can even add built-in electrical outlets for phone chargers or bluetooth speaker systems so visitors can plug in their devices and “unplug” with their favorite music.

Come See Our Showroom!

When you visit our Wallbeds Rocklin showroom you can see an enormous selection of furniture pieces including several desk wallbeds, a Murphy bed that folds into a chest, a wall bed with a wardrobe built in, a table wall bed for eating dinner or doing homework in a small space, and many other varieties. At the Rocklin Wallbeds ‘n More facility, you can see and touch these models yourself, or you can ask a knowledgeable and helpful associate to give you a tour of our design center. While there, the employees can demonstrate how simple a pull-down bed is to use and give you helpful advice so that you feel confident choosing the perfect piece of furniture for your home. Call us today at (916) 753-4966 or come visit us at our Rocklin design center from 10am-3pm Monday through Saturday or by appointment.


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