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From Toddler to Teenager - a Hidden Wall Bed Can Grow with Your Child

As your little one goes through all the stages of his or her childhood, it’s wise to choose furniture that can grow with them throughout the years. This way, you don’t have to replace a crib with a toddler bed, with a twin size bed, and eventually with a full or queen size bed when they are teenagers.

With a customizable, hidden wall bed from Wallbeds “n” More in Rocklin, California, you can go right from a crib to a bed that will last them throughout their entire childhood and adolescence. Let us help you to design and customize the bed of your dreams to grow with your child through the years. We offer all kinds of options to help keep your little one comfortable, organized, and happy at every age.

Do Hidden Wall Beds Come in a Myriad of Sizes?

What size is a hidden wall bed? At Wallbeds “n” More, Murphy beds are not just one size, but come in a variety of sizes that you can choose from. If you are thinking about choosing a twin size hidden wall bed for your toddler, consider choosing an extra large twin so that the length is longer for when they become a teenager.

You can also choose a wall bed in a full size, which is a great size to extend from toddlerhood all the way through college, or a queen size if you have an extra large room.

If you have two little ones we can even help you customize your Murphy bed furniture unit to include two different twin size beds with additional storage features.

Do Hidden Wall Beds Have Study Areas?

Each one of our wall beds has different features; you can choose a table wall bed, a desk wall bed, or a bookshelf Murphy bed to meet the needs of your child. When your little one is in school and old enough to have homework, projects, and computer work to complete, he or she will be prepared with a separate study space to call their own.

Much research shows that students perform better in school and complete homework in a more focused manner when they have a space of their own away from common area distractions like a busy kitchen or a living room with a television set. By including a bookshelf Murphy bed or a Murphy bed with a table or desk, you can set up a study space that meets your student’s needs right from the beginning.

Will a Hidden Murphy Bed Get in the Way of Play?

On the contrary, a customizable hidden wall bed from Wallbeds “n” More will not get in the way of creative play, but actually enhance it. Choosing a hidden wall bed with an armoire or a pulldown table will make space for dress-up clothes, tea parties, playing with dolls, trains, cars, or Legos.

If you choose to add a table or a desk, you can also customize it with drawers and bookshelves to store art supplies, books, and games out of sight in an organized fashion. Your little one will be ready to pretend play and your teenager to grab a video game remote or paint at an easel with a table top, desk, or bookshelf wall bed with storage features.

Are They Safe and Functional?

At Wallbeds “n” More we insist on delivering and installing your wall bed so that we know it is done safely and correctly. Our team of experienced professionals will come to your home and assemble the wall bed right where you’d like it, bolting it to the wall, so you never have to worry that it will fall over on your child.

What’s more, our Murphy beds are so easy to use that even children can typically pull them down from the wall and put them back up again without much effort. They are much safer than the old style hide-a-beds that would pinch fingers with heavy metal frames, and an extra bonus… if your child doesn’t want to make his or her bed every day, they can just fold up the mattress right into the wall, and no one will be the wiser!

Wallbeds “n” More is unique and in that it allows you to customize your furniture color, wood, type, drawer pulls, and storage options so that you can truly create a room as unique as your child. Let us help you pick out the features and styles that will make your wall bed ideal from toddler to teenager and beyond.

Call Today to Make a Showroom Appointment!

Give us a call at (916) 753-4966 to make an appointment at the showroom in Rocklin, California today. Come see how we can help you dream up and then build the ideal wall bed for any room in your home. We are open Monday - Saturday from 10am - 3pm, and you can even stop by the showroom without an appointment, though we do recommend calling ahead if possible to make sure one of our friendly sales associates is available to give you the one-on-one time and attention you deserve.

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