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What is a Hidden Wall Bed?

The origins of the Murphy bed, which we synonymously call a wall bed or a hidden wall bed, date back to a man named William Lawrence Murphy. As an Irish immigrant to the city of New York, Murphy wanted a simple way to make more space in his tiny apartment. Around the year 1900 Murphy got creative and built a special piece of furniture that was able to transform his studio apartment into a dual-functioning space. Murphy was able to hide his bed away while entertaining guests and, within moments of their departure, sleep comfortably each night.

Before Murphy’s invention, other collapsible types of beds existed. Murphy introduced safe, convenient, and easy-to-use designs that made his version of a pull-down wallbed truly unique and popular. Today, many individuals and families enjoy the convenience of a bed that pulls down from the wall.

How a Hidden Wall Bed Works

A hidden wall bed typically begins with a wooden platform that has wire mesh stretched across it to keep it lightweight. A mattress rests on this platform and is typically held snugly in the right place with straps made of elastic. These straps help to maintain the integrity of the mattress by not allowing it to sag or droop; the elastic straps also keep the mattress in its correct form when the bed is folded vertically against the wall.

Once folded upright against the wall, the bed is hidden by what appears to be a cabinet, bookcase, or desk. At Wallbeds ‘n More in Rocklin we offer a variety of stylish Murphy bed options and the ability to customize your hidden wall bed by selecting the type of wood, color finishes, hardware, and configurations.

Each of our wallbed models are designed to be attached securely to wall studs in multiple places, so that the furniture is safe and secure and the bed pulls down and folds back up easily. The hidden beds at Wallbeds ‘n More are specially engineered to work with most mattresses that have a thickness of 11 inches or less.

Our wall bed units allow for you to choose your own mattress to fit either a twin, XL twin, full, or queen size Murphy bed. Mattress selections vary between nine, 10, and 11 inches in height and come in different degrees of softness and firmness, so that you can pick the comfort level that’s best suited for you and your guests.

Getting the Most from Your Wallbed

While the original hidden wall bed design that Murphy created may have been simple, it has served as a steady baseline for new iterations and inventive, creative designs. Today the hidden wall bed can serve even more types of functions.

Murphy beds are still used for space-saving solutions in any room but can now include bonus features. Our extensive selection provides the ability to configure your wallbed with additions like a table, a desk, bookshelves, cabinets, special lighting additions, and even electrical outlets and USB ports for the ultimate convenience and comfort for an overnight visit.

When you use a hidden wall bed in an area with limited space such as a studio apartment, a small guest room, a den, home office, attic space or children’s room, it serves to double the function of the room and allows for the versatility you’ve always wanted. When you need extra floor space you can simply fold the bed up into the wall, hiding it and transforming the room into something else entirely.

Visit Us at Wallbeds ‘n More in Rocklin

At Wall Beds ‘n More in Rocklin, California we have a large show room that features a wide variety of different wall bed styles, sizes, and finishes. Our helpful sales associates can assist you in choosing the new piece of furniture that works best in your home, as well as customizing it with hardware, wood stains and colors, and other features to make it especially functional for your space.

We offer delivery and installation of our hidden Murphy beds at Wallbeds ‘n More in Rocklin. Our dedicated staff can set your bed up for you, bolt it to the wall, and demonstrate how to safely open and close your fold down hidden bed. It is easier than you might imagine!

Check out our hidden wall bed options on our website and give us a call at (916) 753-4966 when you’re ready to speak with one of our helpful associates. Make an appointment if you’d like to take a tour of our showroom or come by during business hours to see our wall bed selection in person. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly sales associates to see how a hidden wall bed can transform not only your home but the convenience of your life!

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