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How to Create a Home Office with a Murphy Bed

setting up a home office

Creating the perfect work-from-home office doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, the process can be quite enjoyable when you keep in mind our following tips to create a home office space where you can do your best work.

At Wallbeds n’ More Rocklin, we will show you how easy it is to create the Murphy-bed-desk combo of your dreams- so that you can be happy and productive working from home!

An Easy Way to Limit Distractions

A Murphy bed with desk is an excellent way to utilize a guest-room, much more often than only when guests come to visit. For everyday use, the desk is always available and waiting. When guests arrive, the bed can quickly and easily be ready within one minute.

By setting up a permanent home office in your guest or spare bedroom, you are able to close the door when it’s time to work and shut out distractions from the rest of the house. Equally, your guests will enjoy the quiet comfort of a room to themselves when they visit.

No Need to Sacrifice Space

By using a Murphy bed desk system you can have a functional and private at-home office without sacrificing your guest room. Select the shape and style for your wallbed with desk that will best suit your space.

Our two desk main desk configurations each has its own benefits.

L-shaped Corner Desks:

A Murphy bed L-shaped corner desk unit, like the Rochester or the Oxford, fits perfectly into a corner of a room, and offers the following benefits:

  • Offers plentiful workspace

  • Looks beautiful and elegant

  • Makes it easy to use dual computer screens

  • Fits easily into any 90 degree corner

Oxford wall bed with desk

Fold down Desks:

Fold down Murphy desktops, like the Hiddenbed with Hutch or the Deluxe Hiddenbed, are made where the desk surface folds down from the back of the closed Murphy bed. The fold-down desks offer one flat surface rather than the corner design of the L-shaped desk.

The fold-down style is a great home office solution when:

  • Your room is full of windows, items along the wall, or other furniture where you may not have room for a corner desk

  • You want a flexible workstation that can easily be revealed or put away

  • Your room is shallow, or low on square footage

Personalize It!

No matter which home office Murphy bed you choose, we offer the following customizations at Wallbeds n’ More so that your home office is truly useful and reflects your own style:

  • Built-in bookshelves

  • Glass cabinet doors

  • Wooden cabinet doors

  • Varying size storage drawers

  • Accent lighting

  • USB ports

  • Built-in armoire/wardrobes

  • A variety of wood and finishs

  • Hardware style options

Handcrafted with Style

Our wall beds with desks come in every style, from farmhouse to modern- and everything in between. Choose from different wood types, custom hardware, finishes, and colors.

Your Murphy bed desk is not made until you order it, ensuring each and every piece of furniture is customized, handcrafted and delivered with care directly to your home.

Ergonomic Pairings

Choose an ergonomically designed chair to pair with your new desk. If you tend to sit down for a large portion of the day, make sure you invest in a comfortable desk chair with ergonomics in mind.

It’s also a great idea to stand up for at least three minutes of each hour, walk around to get the blood flowing, and hydrate yourself. When you take little breaks like these you will be more alert and productive when you return to your work.

Ordering Your Home Office Wallbed

Stop by our Wallbeds n’ More Rocklin showroom when convenient, or make an appointment with one of our dedicated space-saving experts. Our staff can give you a tour of the showroom and tell you everything there is to know about a wall bed desk furniture combination.

Call us to schedule an appointment or with any questions you may have at (916) 573-4966. A well designed work-from-home office provides a great solution to achieving work/life balance, maximizing the space in your home at the same time. We look forward to helping you improve your living space!

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