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5 Steps to Build a Bedroom & Home Office Combo

If you are one of the thousands of Americans who work from home, right from the comfort of your own bedroom, it can be difficult to keep your living space and working space separated in your mind. At Wallbeds “n” More in Rocklin, California we want to help you design a bedroom and office combination that goes beyond the standard expectations. Creating a home office with a Murphy bed will help you maximize productivity during work hours and enjoy a relaxing space during free time.

With a wall bed office desk combo, it has never been easier to design the work-from-home bedroom of your dreams. Our expert furniture associates can help with five crucial elements for designing the perfect bedroom home office space.

#1 - Focus on Lighting

Natural light is best for creating a calm atmosphere and enhancing productivity. With plenty of windows or even a skylight in your bedroom, feeling the sunshine streaming in or catching a glimpse of the sky outside is not only great motivation for work time productivity, but also soothing and calming for when it’s time to relax.

If your room doesn’t have a lot of natural light from windows available, creating a peaceful atmosphere with ambient light fixtures is a great place to start. At Wallbeds “n” More we offer the ability to customize your wall bed furniture with lighting features that help you focus on work, set the mood for sleep time, and illuminate all the hours in between.

#2 - Divide the Space

Because you’ll be spending so much time working from home in the comfort of your bedroom, it is important to be able to divide the space physically so that you can also divide it in your mind. Whether that is through the use of a seating area or a screen room divider, creating a natural flow in the room while still keeping your sleeping and working space separate is great for both functionality and productivity.

Our custom Murphy bed office furniture units can be a fantastic solution to help divide your space into multiple distinctive areas. It’s possible to feel that your room is both:

  1. Well utilized as a workspace

  2. Capable of transforming into a bedroom in a snap

We have a variety of wall bed models that compliment home offices. If you want to have plenty of shelving for books or other display items, check out the Library model! We have options for Murphy beds with desks combos. The desk could extend from the front of the closed bed, saving the most space, or a corner desk could be added to the side of the bed frame like the Rochester wall bed.

When work time is over. simply tidy up your materials and let down the mattress. Your space becomes a relaxing, inviting environment to read, watch TV, and enjoy your sleeping space without work on your mind.

#3 - Minimize Clutter

It’s not a peaceful feeling when you find it difficult to separate your work life from your personal life. This lack of boundaries often means it’s impossible to truly focus on either. Having elements of work visible during your personal time, especially when trying to turn off your mind and rest, is distracting and difficult.

Lack of a proper work-life balance can also lead to increased stress and disrupted sleep patterns. To turn your mind “off” and relax when it’s time to use your bedroom for an actual bedroom, you can utilize the variety of storage capabilities that come with your new Murphy bed with desk.

You can easily add covered cabinet doors to this multi-functional furniture. Conceal Wi-Fi routers, wires, printers, and other technology that is unsightly or messy looking. Drawers and shelving systems are available to help you organize work items, and vertical storage spaces such as wardrobes can also be added for your convenience when storing larger items.

By physically putting away all signs of work, you will be able to more easily put today’s tasks out of your mind and focus on your personal life, enjoying your bedroom for the relaxing, oasis of solitude that it is meant to be.

#4 - Create a Restful Space

It’s important to choose the mattress size and firmness level that suits you in order to get a good night's sleep. Our wall beds are built to support most mattress styles, as long as it’s less than 11 inches in thickness. Additionally, the importance of adding elements of comfort and style for both your physical and emotional well-being can't be overstated.

Selecting a pillow top mattress or a plush mattress cover can make your bed feel like a cloud, and choosing a fluffy down-alternative comforter means your bedroom is not only allergen-free but cruelty-free as well.

Choose soft, sleek sheet sets and beautiful accent pieces like fluffy pillows and plush blankets to enhance the coziness your bed provides. Painting at least one wall to match your room’s color scheme can help evoke feelings of peacefulness. An extra comfortable sleeping place will further enforce the separation of work and personal space and help you to transition into evening mode.

#5 - Add a Multi-Functional Desk

When you are choosing a desk for your work-from-home bedroom, it is important that the if fits into the flow of your room. A corner desk like the Oxford is the perfect way to make sure that the desk is out-of-the-way and feels like its own, unique space. If you’d prefer a simpler model that just folds down for when a laptop station or writing table as needed, you can take a look at our Hiddenbed with Hutch.

Wallbeds with desks have been increasing in popularity in the recent years. This suggests that they are a convenient way to maximize space in even the smallest of bedrooms in your home, no matter what your style or budget.

Reach Out to Us Today

Take a look at our variety of wall beds with desks on our website, and when you are ready to see them in person, simply call to make an appointment with us at (916)753-4966 or stop by the showroom during our business hours.

Our knowledgeable, experienced employees will be happy to show you around, demonstrate how easy our wall bed systems are to use, and help you create an extraordinary home office and bedroom in one!

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